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I began working in luthurie through a desire to customize my guitars, to make them sound and play better and to make them uniquely mine. Below are a few projects, ranging from rebuilds to bling.


Sparky and Krusty

Tweeked out for Luc Lavigne of Muffler Crunch , Ol' Sparky and Ol' Krusty are shop regulars. Sparky is a Conservadore acoustic, sporting 3 pickups, with on/off switches, a volume, and a hand of god switch (does nothing). Krusty was sawn in half down it's sides, thinned to electric depth and given a solid core with a through body sound hole and pimped out chrome car trim on the sides. It also has 2 single coil sized humbuckers, and a bigsby.


Custom 5 string Neck Build - from sketch to bass

This neck was built to be put on a customers existing body, he sketched out the headstock design he wanted, picked out some woods and other options with me and we were off. He opted for a 5 ply maple/wenge neck, with black hipshot tuners and string retainer, and a birdseye maple fingerboard with abalone markers.



Squier Vista Series Musicmaster

This Musicmaster was defretted and had a Musicman stye pickup added in the bridge position, a mustang style control plate was added with stacked volume/tone pots, and a new pickguard was cut from thick single ply sheet stock. a Precision bridge cover was added as well, requiring a few bridge alterations.




Fender Japan Medium Scale Precision bass

My bass.... White on white... I just don't dig it. I cut a custom b/w/b guard cut from sheet stock, and added vintage covers. While I was at it I cut a jazz-like contral plate out of an aluminum sheet. I also modded this one to string through the body




Tenor SG
Built from an old Raven SG copy, shop scraps, and an old election sign... this is hollowbody SG, with a scalloped birdseye maple fingerboard. I just wanted to try electric tenor....



Being a bass player myslef, defretting was one of the first mods I attempted on my own. After trying every method out there and leaving a few dead in my wake in the process, I've gotten pretty decent at it.


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