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I began performing music with my mom on axe at about 8, and began seriously playing guitar and bass myself at about 12. Overcome with curiousity, My first bass was in pieces within an hour of bringing it home. It took a while to figure out where the ground wire went, but I eventually got it back together.

My formal intoduction to lutherie was in 1997 at The Ottawa Folklore Centre, assisting Brian Dubbeldam and Terry Calder as part of a co-op education program. Shortly afterward I enrolled at The Audio Recording Academy to study the fundamentals of sound, acoustics and recording. Following that, I enrolled in a course run by acoustic guitar builder Sergei de Jongeand his family in nearby Chelsea, Québec.

I set up shop in Venosta Quebec for a year or so, and later moved to my current home based workshop in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I am also currently working at Spaceman Music, a used guitar shop here in Ottawa.

Upfront Magazine, November 2007
Interview by Angie Neatby (.pdf)

KitchArt Magazine, February 2008
By Mike Levin (.pdf)



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